“DISSECTION” // 05 July - 05 October 2014

Nothing lasts forever... After fifteen years maturing, two years in the making, three months open to the public and a record-breaking attendance of 65,638 visits, Vhils' landmark solo show at the EDP Foundation – his first in a mainstream art institution and his largest to date – has come to an end. A massive THANK YOU to all who contributed towards its success and made it one of the most-visited art exhibitions at the institution!


I want to thank everyone who showed up for the Dissection opening. A special thanks to all my team and the people who helped and were involved on the projects i did since the beggining, a big huge OBRIGADO!

The first lithograph signed by Vhils, as well as the “Dissection” exhibition catalogue, are available for purchase at the Electricity Museum and through the online shop at:


Alexandre Farto aka Vhils' latest solo show in Lisbon has been packed for weeks, but we finally managed to get some shots of it. The exhibition is set at the EDP Foundation - Electricity Museum in Lisbon, one of Portugal's main art institutions. Once inside, you start by walking through a dark tunnel lined with several stencilled, laser-cut acrylic boards placed over television screens playing videos in the background, presenting a unique experience to Vhils' latest graphic and typographic work. Proceeding through the various purposely-designed exhibition rooms, viewers access different areas where they can experience distinct styles within his works. Giving the show its name, the exhibit culminates with a dissected underground train carriage suspended from the ceiling which demands lying on the floor to get the full view. “Dissection” opened its doors on 4 July and will remain open until 5 October.

Photos and post by Target

On 04 July 2014 all roads lead to Lisbon as Vhils opens an ambitious, groundbreaking new solo show in one of Portugal’s main art institutions. The exhibition will remain open until October and will showcase original work that takes his art one step further in dissecting some of the key elements that compose the urban environment. Unmissable. More on this soon. Follow up all the process at: http://www.vhilsfundacaoedp.com/


After collaborating with them on a number of occasions, Vhils was invited by progressive kuduro giants Buraka Som Sistema to direct the music video for their latest track: “Stoopid”. Released on 29 April, the video was conceived by Vhils and created in collaboration with director João Pedro Moreira (who has frequently worked with Vhils and also directed the acclaimed documentary on Buraka: “Off the Beaten Track”).


Collaboration with my good friend @pixelpancho who was here in Lisbon last November for the Underdogs 2013 Public Art Project. For more info www.under-dogs.net

Check out the new video about the most recent piece done in cork in Covilhã, Portugal. Also, the website shop will be opening today at 7pm GMT with a selection of screen print artist’s proofs from the last 8 years.


First piece I did in years with no carving. Thank you to @flash_girl @c787studios for putting up this amazing project. #vhils #lasvegas #riseabove


Vhils piece for NuitBlanche in Paris, France 2013

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